Befikre – Movie Review

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Cast: Ranveer Singh & Vaani Kapoor.

Director: Aditya Chopra.


The Best Part of the film is RANVEER SINGH – Ghajjab ni Energy, Super Sexy Guy with Khatru Performance. He will surely going to make people smile baaki overall i didn’t like the film. My Expectations from the maker of DDLJ was high. Film looks so rich and beautiful but I couldn’t connect well with the story. Pre Interval it was entertaining but post interval it was not up to the mark. Though Vaani Kapoor ae Mehnat kari chhe, Her Dancing and Acting skills are really good but I strongly feel that actress like Anushka Sharma or Deepika Padukone could have been a better choice. Sharing my liking/disliking;


Best Scene: Incredible Indian Actor Ranveer Singh convinces the girl by saying “He is the Best Indian thing one can get” 😀


Good Part: Sexy Ranveer Singh & Beautiful Paris 😉 (camera work).


Song which I liked the most: Befikre Title song sung by Benny Dayal.


Unsehnable part: Story. While watching this movie, Tumhe Tamasha, YJHD types har kahaani ki yaad aa jayegi.


Watchable or Not: Try it if you are not a fan of Ranveer Singh, I Dare you !! There is no feel & no connect in the story but if you are a Ranveer Singh’s Fan – Go & Watch for Him!!


P.S In a History of Indian cinema, maine pehla Actor dekha > to pose completely naked from the back! 




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