I want a Smiling City & Not a SUICIDAL CITY

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I don’t know why I m sharing this video but just following my heart’s instructions. Hope this will change atleast ek Ni life ..
This year, till March 9, there have been 66 suicides following failed relationships, examination stress, peer pressure, failure to pay up loans, financial disputes and mild chastisements by parents: Ahmedabad Mirror.
According to a recent study, Indians are the world’s most depressed people, with nearly 36 % suffering from ‘major depressive episodes’: DNA



‘Seeking psychological help is not a sign of weakness; it shows the strength of the person, and people should be encouraged to reach out for help’ : Deepika Padukone



In past 100 Days, 79 People have ended their lives.


Kill the very reason which overpowers you to kill yourself! Your eternal freedom will leave your near and dear ones in permanent grief! Just live past that moment, you will emerge as a stronger and stable person. You will never regret your decision of living!

Embrace life…

All I want to say is my story, my experience and my thoughts about life. It’s there in a video!



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