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Genre: Crime Thriller.

Cast: Randeep Hooda, Adil Hussain, Richa Chadha, Tisca Chopra, Vipin Sharma and Alexx O’Nell.

Director: Prawaal Raman.


Three Reasons why I was bit curious to do a review of this particular film?

  • Reportedly, a number of producers and directors have attempted to make a movie based on his interesting life, but things didn’t materialize as Charles holds the rights of his own stories. (haa aa aevo Nang chhe je keh chhe ke ‘I charge for my story’)
  • So yes it is Bollywood’s first ever film on Sobhraj, aka the Bikini Killer. The ‘Main’ in the title stands for Amod Kanth – the former Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police Jemne Sobhraj case handle karyo hato . Ane aemne kaheli story parthi j aa film bani chhe which also includes his own views on the mysterious Sobhraj.
  • Randeep Hooda as a Charles Sobhraj, serial killer.


And after watching this film, hu kahi shaku chhu ke movie jovaana darek karan Vyaajbi chhe. You know it is believed that Sobhraj is involved in more than 20 murder cases. Reel life ma Chrarles Sobhraj jeva bataavya chhe aenathi pan vadhare interesting ae real life ma chhe. If you do some homework before you watch this film tabhi jaake picture dekhne mein zyaada mazaa aayega.


Interval tak movie thoda confusion create karti hai. Dhyaan nahi doge to bhatak jaaoge, slow bhi lagegi par second half is really very interesting. Majaano and super shaukeen maanas Charles jena character ma Randeep hooda ae bhookkaa bolaavi didha chhe. Right from the styling, body language, accent and look – Randeep is so perfect.


Dialogues are good. Bhaagvama master aeva Charles kevi rite Tihar Jail Break kari bhaage chhe ae ghatna jovano majjo chhe. 80s no Era and Goa ma Hippie tourist ne kevi rite vishvaas ma laine chhetri  leto Sobhraj ae badhu jova – jaanvau game aevu chhe.


Issues with the film: Joie aevu detailing nathi ane kyak kyak film bore pan kare chhe. Language ne laine sometimes aem laage ke subtitles ni jaroor chhe (Subtitle needed at times).
Fav scene: Conversation between Richa Chadha & Adil Hussain especially when Adil explains her that how she is being used by Charles?


One of the Fav lines: Sachchaai ki jeet hoti hai par burai kabhi haarti nahi…


Watchable or Not: Definitely a Onetime watch for Randeep Hooda and Adil Hussain.


“If you don’t know anything about Charles Sobhraj ( Chaaalti farti chhatakbaari ) than better you do some homework before you watch the film”

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