Naam Shabana – Movie Review

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Genre: Action & Thriller.

Cast: Taapsee Pannu,Prithviraj Sukumaran, Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpayee & Anupam Kher.

Director: Shivam Nair.



One more women-centric film dekhi maine with high hopes but Film se zyada entertaining to audience nikli. Akshay Kumar ki 2 minute ki Jhalak dekhte hi soyi hui audience ne chillaana shuru kiya tab maine ek nazar fir se mobile screen ki jagah Cinema Screen pe daal di (Kehne ka matlab ye hai ki bichh bichh mei pakaati hai movie). 1% bhi BABY film ka reference dimag mei rakha to haal behaal ho jaayega aur expectations ki dhajiyaa udd jayegi.



Pre Interval was bit lengthy, slow but interesting and post interval it was Sehanable only because of Akshay Kumar’s one liners with some of thrills. I really Appriciate Taapsee’s performance but overall Akshay steals the show.last 30-40 minutes ma majjo hato. This film could have been much better in terms of story. Sharing my quick views.



Best Part: A Solid message about self-defense and When to back off.



Smilevaali line: When a guy says to a girl ‘ Main tere sath hota hu to safe feel karta hu” ! 😛 



Impressive: Expressions on Taapsee’s face when Jai died.



Hilarious Part: Akshay Kumar ka ‘conference‘ & Murli Sharma ki ek line “Mantriji toh aaj bahot busy hai” 😀 



NABLO part: Kahaani…Story…Vaarta… Bhaai Thriller movie no climax kevo solid hoy!!!



Watchable or Not: YES Watchable. Jeni exams just complete thai chhe aemne majjo padshe!! Strictly one time watch for Taapsee & Akshay fans!!




P.S Bina Dimag lagaaye dekhna, Varna Yakeen nahi hoga ki BABY ki prequel hai!! 




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