October – Movie Review

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Star Cast: Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu, Gitanjali Rao & Sahil Vedoliyaa.

Director: Shoojit Sircar


We rarely get a chance to see Varun Dhawan’s different side. Previously i got a chance to see his other side in Badlapur and Today I saw his different side in October film. This film is not for those who loves to watch masala movies every friday. This is a rare film where its all about feel in such a simple way that words just cant describe it ! Sharing my quick views;


Best Part: Each and every actor especially Varun Dhawan & Gitanjali Rao (Shiuli’s mother). Brilliant performance.


loved that Scene: The way Varun Dhawan described his first visit to ICU.


favourite one liner: Tum log har kaam chance ho to hi karte ho kya?


Still Lost: in Theme music composed by Shantanu Moitra and Adbhoot Cinematography by Avik Mukhopadhayay. Have you ever observed nature so closely? If yes thn You will love the camera work.


Cant get over: Varun Dhawan’s sweet and innocent charming face with lots of expressions. He has done a fantastic job as a DAN!


Simple and Sweet: Storyline with Gajjjab nu writing by Juhi Chaturvedi.


Watchable or Not: NOT Watchable for Masala movie Lovers. A Must watch for someone who loves Varun Dhawan and can enjoy slow cum soulful cinema.


P.S Nurse log se koi Shaadi nahi karta…Jaante ho kyun??? Watch this film to know why.






amol joshi says:

April 16, 2018 at 2:29 pm

Varun Dhawan October movie review beautifully falls into a parallel stream of film making. This was a much needed piece of art for the current Indian film industry. A huge thumbs up to Shoojit Sarkar for making our April as soothing as October | October Movie Review


RJ Aditi Raval says:

April 24, 2018 at 7:07 pm

Thank u:)


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