Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran – Movie Review

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Star Cast: John Abraham, Boman Irani, Diana Penty, Anuja Sathe & Yogendra Tiku.

Director: Abhishek Sharma.

Never knew the meaning of Pokhran before today. All Thanks to Parmanu Movie, Now I Know that Pokhran means the land of 5 mirages. Parmanu is a story of Pride. Parmanu is a story of India based on a true event with cinematic liberties which will surely entertain you.

Sharing my quick views about a film which says a lot about India’s First Successful cum peaceful Nuclear Bomb Test 🙂

Best Scene: Goosebumps Aa Jaaye aisa climax.  Emotions, patriotism, humour and thrill nu perfect combination jova malshe during the entire film.

Fav One Liner:Hero Vardi se nahi iraade se bante hai..

Funny Scene: Pass code scenes especially the last one!

Could have been better: Music and Drama part!

Surprising Factor: John Abraham’s transformation. જે હીરોની ઓળખ એના મજબૂત બાવડાં અને shirtless scenes હોય, એ પોતાના Role/Character માટે વજન ઉતારીને સ્ક્રિન ઉપર એક પણ વાર Skin Show ના કરે- એ જ ઘણું બધું કહી દે છે જ્હોન અબ્રાહમની  Brave Choice માટે  ♥

Watchable or Not: A Must Watch for Every Indian. You must be in your Old Janam or in your school days when this peaceful nuclear bomb taste happened for the first time successfully in India. Do not skip this film as John Abraham is known for bringing the best stories on screen as a Producer as well. Usually I Recommend film based on your choice of Actor or Genre but This time I Highly Recommend Parmanu to everyone.

P.S પરમાણુનો ધડાકો તમને સીટ પરથી ઉભા થઈને તાલિયો પાડવા માટે મજબૂર કરશે !! આ ઘટના પછી જ દુનિયાએ ભારતને શક્તિશાળી દેશ ગણવાનું શરુ કર્યું કહેવાય 🙂

                                                          બોધ: નિશાનચૂક માફ, નહિ માફ નીચું નિશાન

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