Sattvik Food Festival 2017

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An experience to cherish for the current as well as future generations and to learn from the past ~ SATTVIK, the traditional food festival will be hosting its 15th edition this year. The highlight of this fest is its ‘out-of-the box’ concept of serving authentic and pure delicacies. Here you will be able to taste recipes that are made of rare farm produce, minor millets and does not have any maida, cheese, paneer. Names of some recipes will need you to exercise rolling your tongue somewhat like saying the shlokas your mom always wanted you to recite. Most of the recipes are not found anywhere except SATTVIK.

Other strong factor about this fest is that It’s a place to indulge your tastebuds while motivating the organic farmers who are really working hard to grow their produce. The farming community is going over a sea change, they are adapting new ideas, and this is the place to learn from them and motivate them.

Sattvik is a unique amalgamation of food, fun, folk art as well as innovative ideas that burst with energy and enthusiasm. There are also many innovations that will inspire you to do more for the society.

Some of the activities here are fun to be a part of along with your folks. Parents, children as well as grandparents will enjoy themselves. In fact you can spend the whole day tasting food and walking around and there will still remain a lot to explore.

SATTVIK – the festival to celebrate traditional nutritious food and associated knowledge systems that was started fourteen years ago at the IIM-A was conceptualised to provide market based incentives for conserving agro-biodiversity.

Here you will come across several people just like my elder sister, who wait throughout the year to attend this fest. So head to this place if you want to  ‘get in touch’ with your roots. I bet, you will be forced to return here the next year too!

Event Date: 23,24 & 25th Dec 2017

Venue: AES Ground, Ahmedabad

Timings: 10 am to 10 pm

Ticket price: 30 (INR)

Let’s go Organic, Let’s go Sattvik for 3 Days

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