#ShowcaseUttarayan : Visually Highlight the festive spirit on Twitter

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Objective:  Showcase the festive spirit and unique way of celebrating Uttarayan in Gujarat to rest of the world by bringing alive various aspects of the festival on Twitter.



About Uttarayan:

Uttarayan as a festival is widely popular in Gujarat. This festival attracts tourists from all over the world. The common thread which binds everyone during this time is the spirit of kite flying. Colorful kites in the sky, high volume music on the terrace, stylish hats and delicious delicacies make this festival a complete family entertainment package.



How can Uttarayan stand out?

These aspects of Uttarayan make it ultra special and it is these characteristics that need to be brought in the forefront. Not just the people of Gujarat but people all over the world can get a true feel of this festival with Twitter as a platform playing a vital role.


Aspects to be covered by You:

  • Music:
    How one finds loudspeakers and special DJ set ups on their terraces for this special day. Every terrace has their taste of songs and they play accordingly. Many a time’s people reply to each other’s competition through apt songs. Radio too runs back to back music on this day so that people can enjoy their special time on terrace. Uttarayan is a dance party in disguise for many a people.
  • Late Evening View:
    Tukkal i.e small candles with their paper stands specially designed to go in the sky alongwith the kites makes the sky look extremely beautiful. Crackers alongwith the lanterns give the sky a glittering look
  • Food:  
    There is no terrace and hardly any house which does not have one of these food items stocked during Uttarayan. Undhiyu, Chikki, Talsankli, Bor, sugarcane, Totha are the special food items of Uttarayan.
  • Khiladi Spirit:
    Uttarayan is all about healthy competition with the neighbours and kite flyers. It is all about proving yourself and your terrace stronger in terms of kite flying, hooting, whistling, creating fun and letting go the gas balloons in the air.
  • Fashion / Style on this special day:
    Competition is not just restrained to kite flying, it is also in wooing the opposite sex through one’s kite flying skills and through stylish attires, sun glasses, trendy caps and hats and other accessories.


My motto will be to feature this Uttarayan Festival on such platform so that people around the world can also get an idea about the Mega Festive Spirit in Gujarat, India.




P.S Living in India how each one of us knows and talks about La Tomatina, you never know people worldwide may start talking about Uttarayan through our this effort.




viral shah says:

January 11, 2016 at 5:41 am

hi i need tickets


Dr kunal manek says:

January 12, 2016 at 6:56 am

Good visiOn of highlighting our festival and culture like this


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