Tu Ane Tari Vaato

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I talk with so many people on a daily basis-at times it is through social media, at times verbally in person or on phone and at others I talk through my eyes and smile. Amidst all these talks, there are some conversations which simply bring a smile on my face. When I recollect them, I feel elated. Just when I was passing through a similar process a few days back, I thought of sharing some talks and added a hashtag “Tu ane Taari Vaato” to it. This simply means ‘You and Your talks’.  I had not expected this hashtag to get such a tremendous response that it soon started trending and people started sharing with me as well their talks and ideas on this. It became a new flirt line and a line to impress everyone. I feel so amazed and content at the same time that a simple thought can involve so many people on a similar platform. I would like to thank all who helped in creating this trend. Lets continue our sharing with   #તુંઅનેતારીવાતો




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Charmi Solanki says:

December 13, 2018 at 4:43 pm

Keep Talking …
Fan of your thoughts and just love it…:-)


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